Add-A-Photo Booth | FAQ


What is the quality of your camera?

We only use 18MP DSLR Camera’s that also offer Video recording ability. the industry standard used by almost every other photo booth company is 6 – 12MP. When using some of these lower end cameras’s it causes photo’s to distort when printed and they lack the color of a higher quality camera.

Do you have color or black and white photos?

The choice is yours or your guest.We have color;Black & white;Sepia;and Retro Each person who enters the booth can choose how they would like their pictures to print out.

How long does it take for the photos to print?

Photos take approximately 10-12 seconds to print. We use a Lab Quality Sublimation Dye Printer

Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure all our guests are aware of the Photo Booth?

A few ideas would be:

Provide a note at each table or place setting.

We can provide a monitor to display all the “FUN” going on inside the booth.

DJ announcements

What is included in your rental package?

Portable Photo Booth

Attendant 1or 2

Unlimited photos: every one that goes in the booth gets a photo strip!

Yours or your guest’s choice of color or black and white ;Sepia;and Retro photos

DVD or flash drive of all photos taken

Props, props and more props

A 12x12 Guest Book : extra charge

Can we have the booth unavailable during dinner?

Yes, we can have the booth unavailable for photos during dinner.  Any booth downtime is charged as Idle Time at $40/hour. This downtime does not count towards your hours of unlimited photo use.

We already have a photographer, why do we need to have a photo booth as well?

This is a question that is asked a lot. The answer is easy…you need your photographer to take all the pictures of your event, especially a wedding but the photo booth gives your guests the chance to let loose and just have some silly fun, and light entertainment!  It also gives them a lasting party favors from your even or party to take home and cherish.

What do I need to reserve a photo booth?

A signed contract and $100.00 deposit

How much room do you need for the photo booth?

Our setup takes about 5ft x 7ft of space for the Booth. A 6' table for props and signs.  For the Guest Book events we will generally use a table from the event placed next to the booth for the activities as well as an attendant to monitor the book, or you can have someone to do it for you.

What type of printer do you use?

We use a Lab Quality Sublimation Dye Printer. This means we give you exceptionally high quality photos that will last a lifetime. Don't be fooled by other companies that use Inkjet printers, they can smudge on your clothes, look grainy, and take up to a minute to print.

Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

YES! We need a level surface to set up our booth as well as a reliable power source. Outdoor events should have a cover to place the booth under and remember Wind and adverse weather is not our friend. Our equipment and its operators as well as your guests safety is our top concern. The booth should be placed in a location to protect all.

More Questions ?

Contact us we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.